Did Private Election Administration Funding Advantage Democrats in 2020?

Forthcoming, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 2023

with Daniel M Thompson

| arXiv

Augmented Balancing Estimators for the Average Treatment Effect on the Treated in Cross-Sectional and Panel Designs

Working Paper, 2023

pdf | slides

Fairly Random: The Effect of Winning the Toss on Winning the Match

Forthcoming, Journal of Sports Analytics, 2023

with Gaurav Sood, Avidit Acharya, Derek Willis


Tobler meets Robinson: Semiparametric methods for Covariate Adjustment using Spatial Data

Working Paper, 2023

pdf | poster

The Electoral Consequences of Cellphone Coverage Expansion

R&R, 2023

with Shuning Ge, Guy Grossman, Katrina Kosec, Benjamin Laughlin


How Much Should We Trust Instrumental Variable Estimates in Political Science? Practical Advice based on Over 60 Replicated Studies

Political Analysis, 2023

with Mac Lockhart, Yiqing Xu, Ziwen Zu

| arXiv | github

Representation and Forest Conservation: Evidence from India’s Scheduled Areas

American Political Science Review, 2023

with Saad Gulzar, Ben Pasquale

pdf | github

A Framework for Generalization and Transportation of Causal Estimates under Covariate Shift

MIT Conference on Digital Experimentation (CODE), 2022

with Wenjing Zheng, Simon Ejdemyr

pdf | arXiv | github | slides | site

Multi-Armed Bandits for Budget-Constrained Data Collection

MIT Conference on Digital Experimentation (CODE), 2022

pdf | slides

Improved Variable Selection for Regression and Balancing Estimators

Working Paper, 2021

pdf | github | slides

Political Consequences of Youth Franchise Extension: Evidence from India’s 61st Amendment

Shirking Paper, 2021


Land Tenure and Missing Women: Evidence from North India

R&R Journal of Historical Political Economy, 2020