I do all my coding and typsetting in Sublime Text 3. My Packages/User/ folder (sublime’s equivalent of a dotfile) can be found here. (requires Package Control). The packages I currently use are here.

This page lists programs I’ve written to directly/indirectly aid research and productivity.


Utilities Package

Github Repository

To install, run the following line in the Stata console:

net install lal_utilities, from(

Or, if you prefer, download ados and move to your personal ado folder / c(sysdir_personal) (where ssc-installed ados live).


Utilities Package

Github Repository

To install, run:


Script to install Econometrics/General Data-Munging libraries on R


Parallelize stata

(i.e. run several instances of stata in batch mode with separate arguments passed to a do file.

Scrape lecture notes

Replicates wget functionality to download linked files(typically pdfs) from a simple website. Write .txt file with list of links and run download if the scrape_urls fails (as it often does for fancier non-static websites)

Gist Link

Function Plotter

Plots functions in R2 and R3 Gist link

Bash Scripts (tested on Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10)

Clean install of Anaconda (Ipython + python scientific libraries)

Clean install of R

Clean install of Julia


Autohotkey is a powerful scripting language for Windows. I’ve written/forked/collected keyboard mappings for programs I use frequently to map as closely as possible to my sublime/vim mappings.

Keyboard Remaps

Remap Caps Lock to CTRL and Right Alt to Esc

Program-specific Keymappings

Adobe Reader

Greek Letters for Math

Google Chrome