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Unix snippets for reference

Statistical Computing in Python and R


Notebooks and reference for most routine tasks in data-management and econometrics in R and Python [typically written in jupyter notebooks / forked and exported with to HTML H1-H4 headers for easy reference using the html-toc extension].


Land Tenure and Missing Women: Evidence from North India

R&R Journal of Historical Political Economy, 2020


Political Consequences of Youth Franchise Extension: Evidence from India’s 61st Amendment

Shirking Paper, 2021


Improved Variable Selection for Regression and Balancing Estimators

Working Paper, 2021

pdf | github | slides

Multi-Armed Bandits for Budget-Constrained Data Collection

MIT Conference on Digital Experimentation (CODE), 2022

pdf | slides

A Framework for Generalization and Transportation of Causal Estimates under Covariate Shift

MIT Conference on Digital Experimentation (CODE), 2022

with Wenjing Zheng, Simon Ejdemyr

pdf | arXiv | github | slides | site

Representation and Forest Conservation: Evidence from India’s Scheduled Areas

American Political Science Review, 2023

with Saad Gulzar, Ben Pasquale

pdf | github

How Much Should We Trust Instrumental Variable Estimates in Political Science? Practical Advice based on Over 60 Replicated Studies

R&R Political Analysis, 2023

with Mac Lockhart, Yiqing Xu, Ziwen Zu

| arXiv | github

The Electoral Consequences of Cellphone Coverage Expansion

R&R, 2023

with Shuning Ge, Guy Grossman, Katrina Kosec, Benjamin Laughlin


Tobler meets Robinson: Semiparametric methods for Covariate Adjustment using Spatial Data

Working Paper, 2023

pdf | poster

Asymmetries in Cricket

Accepted, Journal of Sports Analytics, 2023

with Gaurav Sood, Avi Acharya, Derek Willis


Augmented Balancing Estimators for the Average Treatment Effect on the Treated in Cross-Sectional and Panel Designs

Working Paper, 2023

pdf | slides

Did Private Election Administration Funding Advantage Democrats in 2020?

Working Paper, 2023

with Daniel M Thompson